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Sreya's Graphics Journal

Digital Packrat: A Graphics Journal
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This is sreya's graphics journal. Since my main journal has been friends-locked, it made sense (finally!) to create a separate, open journal for my icons and other graphics to be housed in.

I mostly create icons and wallpapers for Star Wars and Harry Potter (using illustrations, not screencaps), but I venture out into other fandoms and just general images as well. They're all pretty much at a G or PG level... I'm a low-key person, and don't care to use icons with profanity and stuff on them, so I don't make them either.

While I'm not consistent about creating graphics, I do post new icons fairly frequently, since they're nice to wind down with in the evening. Sometimes I'll also post wallpapers as well. I have a widescreen monitor on my laptop, which usually means making my own wallpapers, and I like to share. And I've started posting public versions of my journal templates.

Sanctuary -- you'll find my icon archive here, which is helpful particularly if you want to find the icons I've made before August, 2006.
Scrapbook -- I've started using the LJ scrapbook a bit more for uploading images while I wrestle with the newer version of Gallery on my home site.
Cliffs of Insanity -- my main journal, which you can request access to if you're interested.
1280Plus -- community for posting wallpapers at least 1280pixels wide.

Please credit digitalpackrat when you use the icons, you can put the LJ User code right into the comments of your icons. While you don't need to credit on bases that you've altered, it'd be nice so others could find the same bases to use.

I love getting comments on my icons, though obviously I can't enforce it, and I have to plead guilty to neglecting to leave comments sometimes when I'm on an icon hunt. *blush* Basically all I ask is that if there aren't any (or many) comments already on the post, please leave one. If there are a lot there already, though, it's okay if you forget. :~) Mostly I like to see which icons are working well with people, which styles, so I can try and make more that I know will be used. Since that's what icons are for anyway, right?

Like I said, icons are made to be used, so feel free to share them with anyone else who asks about them!

Usually I'll try to link to my resources within the relevant icon posts, but some things I use on a regular basis and deserve special recognition.
100x100_brushes - where I find most of my icon brushes and borders to use in Photoshop
cap_it - great source of screencaps
icon_tutorial - good place to learn some new tricks
Font Garden
Tealin's Pottery Art

I also post my icons, or at least icon links, in other communities.